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​​​​​​​TOP 10: Ethical Menswear Brands

The top 10 in ethical and eco fashion for men

# 10 Arthur & Henry

​Arthur & Henry believe that every man needs a good shirt and so we founded Arthur & Henry to provide beautiful, ethical,men’s shirts.



# 9 People Tree

People Tree are pioneers in sustainable and ethical fashion. Not only do they work to limit pollution in the textile industry, they create job opportunities for developing communities around the world. Also they’re clothes awesome. BOOM.



# 8 Cock & Bull

Cock & Bull are the epitome of London Hipster Style. They create beautiful custom made pieces, and produce entirely in the UK. Nothing is more hipster than saving the world one bespoke jacket at a time.



# 7 Monkee Genes

Disillusioned with Primark and other disposable high street fashion, Monkee Genes emerged as an attempt to raise public awareness of the impact of the fashion industry. They’re on trend and affordable, with and eco and ethical conscience. Cancel that Primark shopping spree and 



# 6 Hiut Denim Co.

Hiut Denim make jeans. That’s it. They’re philosophy is to make one thing, and make it well. And that they do. Their jeans are quality designs that are sustainably and ethically made. “No trying to conquer the whole world. We just do our best to conquer our bit of it.” Check out their website for their inspiring story and beautiful photography. 



# 5 The White T-Shirt Co. 

If Hiut Denim are the masters of jeans, The White T-Shirt Co’s specialty is… well in the name. Their goal was to create the perfect white t-shirt – both in ethics and quality. They use entirely organic cotton and quality design and make. A clean white t-shirt for a clean conscience. 



# 4 Brothers We Stand

Brothers We Stand sell ethically and environmentally conscience clothing, both their own label and selected other awesome ethical brands. No child labour, no forced labour, legal working hours and living wage are all requirements of Brother We Stand clothing. 



# 3 Nudie Jeans

These guys are already kind of a big deal. But not many people know that Nudie jeans are made from 100% organic cotton and produced ethically and sustainably. Apparently you’re meant to put them in the freezer rather than washing them. Not sure about that one, but I’ll still buy their jeans. 



# 2 Braintree

With humble beginnings in Sydney Australia, Braintree is now an international eco fashion line based in London. They make simple ethical and sustainable pieces with a focus on sustainable fabrics.  Now you can wear organic cotton, bamboo and hemp without needing the dreads. 



# 1 Nurmi Clothing

Nurmi don’t tolerate a “less bad” approach to ethical fashion. They’re all or nothing. Luckily they chose all. Nurmi products are made to with long-lasting design, high quality, ecological materials, ethical working conditions and transparent production process. These guys don’t mess about. 



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