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TOP 10: Vintage Stores in Paris

Paris is famous for some of the worlds best vintage. From walls of leather shorts, racks of insane 80s knits to the odd vintage Chanel bag if you’re lucky. Paris will not disappoint any vintage lover out there. It’s cheap, chic and one of a kind, as if you need a reason to channel your Mum’s old parachute tracksuit or your childhood obsession for the spice girls. Best of all, you will be one ethically chic shopper!

#10 Omaya Vintage​​



If you’re a lover of 70s and 80s retro get-up, then Omaya Vintage is beckoning. If you’re looking for racks of  denim, military jackets and as many woollen jumpers as your heart desires, Omaya won’t disappoint you. Pickup a pair of Dr Marten’s for €40, or a pair of denim cutoffs for under €20. To all the grungy hipsters out there, get shopping!

Where: 29 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris

Métro Stop: Oberkampf

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-7.30pm

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#9 Vintage Desir​​

Vintage Desir

Don’t be fooled by it’s modest exterior, Vintage Desir is one of Paris’s most well known ‘fripperies’. You can make a day of this arrondissement! Shop your heart out in the many vintage stores in this rustic quartier of Paris, famed for its Jewish cuisine and trendy atmosphere. When you’ve bought all the vintage you can carry, I suggest replenishing your energy a few stores down with a famous falafel from L’As Du Fallafel.

Where: 32 rue des Rosiers 75004

Métro Stop: Saint Paul, Hôtel de Ville

Opening Hours: Every day 11am-9pm

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#8 Melrose Place​​


Hidden in a quaint street in the 14th arrondissement, it may be a little off the beaten track but Melrose Place has a charm that you only find in Paris’ lesser known suburbs. I may be a little biased as this is only a street away from ​chez moi, however if you have a little bit of time on your hands Melrose Place is worth the walk. It’s full of gorgeous little trinkets, jewellery, leather shoes and even the odd 80s ski suit. If you’re exploring Parc Montsouris or visiting the Catacombes, Melrose Place is waiting and full of treasure just around the corner!

Where: 18 rue Beaunier 75014 Paris

Métro Stop: Ménilmontant​

Opening Hours: Every day 11:00am – 2:30pm, 3:30pm – 7:00pm​

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#7 La Petite Fripe​​


Located in the trendy Oberkampf, which is often called the Parisian version of London’s Shoreditch, La Petite Fripe is another popular destination for Parisian vintage lovers. With its adorably decorated shop front, Le Petite Fripe really is a lucky dip of all things vintage. If you’re looking for variety, you’ll find it here. Prices are low and stock is regularly put on sale. An amazing collection of leather shoes are one of the main draw cards, and most are available at very low prices.

Where: 118 Rue Oberkampf 75011 Paris

Métro Stop: Ménilmontant​

Opening Hours: Tue-Thu 1pm-9pm; Fri-Sat 1pm-10pm; Sun 3pm-9pm​​

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#6 Episode​


This Dutch owned vintage chain is one of the few reasonably priced stores in the chic area of Etienne Marcel. You can find basically anything you’re looking for at this store – shoes, bags, jeans, jackets. One appealing feature is how organised this store is. You may have to rummage for your size, but items are separated neatly into clothing type and style. Trust me, you will be grateful for some organised chaos after visiting somewhere like Free’P’Star which is not for the faint hearted.

Where: 12-16 Rue Tiquetonne 75002 Paris

Métro Stop: Étienne Marcel​

Opening Hours: Mon 1pm-8pm; Tues-Fri 11:30am-7:30pm; Sat 11am-8pm

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#5 Culture Vintage


Culture Vintage is one of many ‘friperies’ in lively streets surrounding rue de Rivoli. This definitely tops the many choices of stores. Culture Vintage has a more tasteful selection of pieces, and its unique atmosphere makes for a very comfortable shopping experience. If you’re looking for a preloved piece without a knee in the back and and elbow in the face, then Culture Vintage is here to save the day!

Where: 83 Rue Saint-Martin 75004 Paris

Métro Stop: Châtelet, Hôtel de Ville​

Opening Hours: ​Mon-Thurs 9am-1pm, 2pm-6pm; Fri 9am-1:30pm

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#4 Hippy Market


When it comes to Hippy Market, the clue is in the title. This vintage chain channels everything 70s and more. If it’s bright, tie-dyed and psychedelic that you’re looking for, this store is your calling. ​You are spoiled for choice in this popular vintage destination, quantity is it’s drawcard and you will find it hard to leave empty handed!

Where: Hippy Market le Marais – 21 rue du Temple 75004 le Marais and Hippy Market Paris – 3 rue de Turbigo 75001 Paris

Métro Stop: Hôtel de Ville​ and ​Etienne Marcel

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-8pm; Sun 2pm-8pm and Mon-Sat 11am-7:30pm

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#3 Free ‘P’ Star


Free ‘P’ Star is not for the faint faint hearted shopper. Made up of three stores on Paris’ right bank, Free ‘P’ Star is where you will find every dedicated vintage lover in town. These boutiques are literally overflowing with every pre-loved item you can imagine. If, like me, you’re there for the entire wall dedicated to leather shorts and skirts (all for under €10!) or you can brave the everything-for-€1-section, then be prepared to spend your afternoon lost under piles of pre-loved amazingness. This is vintage heaven in its purest form.

Shop 1

Where: 52 rue de la Verrerie. Paris 4è.

Métro Stop: Hôtel de Ville​

Opening Hours: Every day

Shop 2

Where: 61 rue de la Verrerie. Paris 4è.

Métro Stop: Hôtel de Ville.

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-9pm; Sunday 2pm-9pm

Shop 3

Where: 20 rue de Rivoli. Paris 4è.

Métro Stop: Saint-Paul.

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm; Sunday 12pm-9pm

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#2 Tilt Vintage


Tilt Vintage is yet another well known vintage chain in Paris, with one store in Le Marais and another across the river in Saint Placide. Tilt has a great variety of vintage from all eras, but it has one major advantage that will please all non-Parisiens out there – an ONLINE STORE! So now we are all, as mere mortals, able to receive a little bundle of sustainable, pre-loved, guilt-free excitement right to our doorstep. So fear not international readers, your dreams have come true in the form of

Le Marais

Where: 8 rue de Rivoli, 75004 Paris, France

Métro Stop: Hôtel de Ville​

Opening Hours: ​7 days 11am-8pm

Saint Placide

Where: 10 rue Saint-Placide, 75006 Paris, France

Métro Stop: Saint Placide

Opening Hours: Mon 12:30pm-7:30pm; Tues-Wed 11am-7:30pm; Thurs-Sat 10:30am-7:30pm

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#1 Kilo Shop


It’s difficult to determine what it is about the Kilo shop that puts it above the rest. The impressively organised shelves that fill two entire levels of the store are the most ‘shopper-friendly’ you’ll find in Paris. The Kilo Shop is a denim lovers dream, from oversized Levi’s jackets to tubs full of acid wash denim cutoffs perfect for Paris’ summer heat. And if you aren’t already satisfied, you get to calculate the price of your item based on weight. This may be a pointless novelty to some, but I’m a sucker for a bit of fun when I’m shopping, especially if it means coming away with a bargain!

Le Marais

Where: 69-71 rue de la Verrerie 75004 Paris

Métro Stop: Hôtel de Ville​

Opening Hours: Mon 2pm-7:45pm; Tues-Fri 11am-7:45pm; Sat 11am-8pm; Sunday 2pm-7:45pm

Saint Germain

Where: 125 Bld St Germain 75006 Paris

Métro Stop: Saint Placide

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-7:45pm; Sunday 1pm-7:45pm

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