One City’s Trash, Many A Woman’s Treasure

Imagine having one piece to pull your outfit together. This is it. The Plate Collar is hammered to create a more dimensional yet delicate texture. Inspired by smooth curves and strong lines from prominent architectural designs, this piece accentuates your collarbone and highlights your jawline. It even makes a T-shirt look like you’re doing exciting stuff. Recycled and built to last, Soko’s local artisans in Kenya transform brass scraps collected from the streets of Kibera into this beautiful, subtle staple piece.

Welcome to Kibera,
Africa’s Largest Slum

It’s hard to believe that this stunning piece comes straight out of Africa’s second largest slum, Kibera. Just a few kilometres from the centre of Kenya’s rapidly growing capital, Nairobi, Kibera sits atop a pile of trash produced by the slum’s hundreds of thousands of residents.The shanty town is poorly sanitized, has little to no electricity, and has recently gotten the running water hook-up. Despite its reputation for some of the lowest living standard in the world, Kibera is fast becoming a hub for creativity and innovation in ethical and sustainable fashion.

Artisan activity is the second largest employer in the developing world. There is a massive pool of incredible talent, entrepreneurship, and high caliber labor trapped in emerging markets due to financial and technology limitations. Soko is working to bridge this gap and create access.This piece is created from upcycled waste that once lined Kibera’s winding streets where local women have been creating beautiful jewellery for decades. As part of the local “Trash is Cash” program, children pick through for pieces of metal – utility fixtures, belt buckle, and other variety from demolition sites – and sell it to metal forgers for a small income.

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