From Peru, with Love (Part 1)


Delicate and meaningful. The Love Knot ring has us pause for a second. Based on the Celtic trinity knot, its meaning encompasses everything from love, to the connection of body, mind, spirit, to oneness with the universe. Made from Fairtrade certified silver mined in Lima, and part of Cred’s first Peruvian collection, the Love Knot Ring brings ethics, relationships and beauty into one meaningful ring. It’s got us like…magic.


Welcome to Santa Filomina

An artisanal mining town next to the Sotromi mines – 70 miles from anywhere and 8,000 feet up in the barren Peruvian highlands. Here, trade, not aid, is transforming this isolated community.  And here is where the journey of your Love Knot Ring starts.

This isn’t like any other mine. Here, workers are paid a fair wage and the premium earned through sales of this ring is invested back into the community in ways decided democratically by the miners themselves. This is the power and the model of the Fairtrade certification, and this is one of the first jewellery collections globally to use Fairtrade silver, ensuring no human rights were abused in sourcing or production.

“Trade, not aid, is transforming this isolated community.

In addition to benefiting from better wages and conditions, the miners have decided to use the premium to invest in local education, infrastructure, water and healthcare.

The outcomes have been a deep and sustainable investment in their community. They have expanded the primary school and bought computers for the secondary school; built a not-for-profit convenience store providing the town’s 500 residents with reasonably priced food; the water supply is getting an overhaul; and health and dental care has been made more accessible.

Unless you’ve lived in a town as isolated as Santa Filomina, it’s hard to imagine just how valuable these services are. Before the investment, food was in short supply and unaffordable for most.  Now, reasonably priced food is freely available, as is clean water. All children have access to education. And most importantly, there has been a dramatic increase in access to health care. Before, if there was a medical emergency, it would often take too long to reach the patient and deliver them to hospital. Now, the town’s new 4×4 ambulance can reach patients quicker than ever before, saving more lives.

All of this has been achieved in partnership with Cred and Fairtrade.

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