From Peru, with Love (Part 2)

A bangle with a twist. The Tie the Knot bangle is sleek and elegant, with four figure-eight knots. Part of Cred’s first fully Peruvian collection made from Fairtrade silver mined in Lima, the simplicity of the knot is a little Celtic, a dab nautical, and a whole lotta timeless. However you choose to wear it, this bangle is just bursting with meaning of all kind – celestial, personal, temporal. Because you’re old enough to make your own decisions.


This is a story I created for the exciting new platform Stori. Powered by Global & Smart, Stori is all about the beautiful story behind the goods you love. Stori helps you find and know the story behind goods that are truly good. 

Stori features the stories of fashion, jewellery and homewares that have a positive impact on people, our planet, and the way their businesses are run. Now, finding stylish products that you will truly love, is easier than ever before. 

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