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7 Sustainable Fashion Icons

I have recently teamed up with the amazing founders from Global & Smart, a platform that promotes finding the good in the products we  love. Through creative storytelling, Global & Smart (along with their platform Stori) are creating change and affecting lives of artisans around the world for the better. Here’s my latest post for Stori.  

Some of the most powerful women in Hollywood are jumping on the ethical fashion bandwagon. They use their status and social influence to create positive change in the world. These are the true fashion icons we need to keep up with. From world renowned fashion designers to A-list actors, here are our top seven sustainable style crushes.

Stella McCartney

Photo: Mary McCartney

The first thing that pops to mind when you hear Stella McCartney’s name is most likely not environmental sustainability. She’s an incredibly successful womenswear designer, adored by hundreds of celebrities and fashionistas the world over. But sustainable living is exactly what Stella has been pioneering since the inception of her luxury fashion line. Stella has proven that luxury, ethics and sustainability can not only coexist but can beautifully complement each other. Stella is a lifelong vegetarian, and a strong advocate for green living in every sense. The Stella McCartney brand is vegetarian, cruelty free and environmentally conscious and maintains a policy of honesty and transparency in their supply chain. As if we didn’t already want a pair of Stella’s latest it-shoes!

Olivia Wilde

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Olivia Wilde is extremely active in the sustainable fashion world. After co-founding the online marketplace Conscious Commerce in 2013, she is now the face of H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection and is a strong advocate for making making ethical decisions at every stage of production. The 2016 H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection was released this week, so keep an eye out for Olivia’s beautiful face out promoting the brand’s ethical line.

Livia Firth

Livia Firth Telegraph
Photo credit: The Telegraph

Livia is the founder and creative director of Eco Age Ltd, she’s also an Oxfam Ambassador, UN Leader of Change and recipient of endless awards for her work in sustainability and social change. Oh, and she’s also married to Colin Firth, no biggy. Her main work with Eco Age is to consult with fashion brands to create ‘sustainability solutions’ that will improve the company’s ethical standards. She also founded the Green Carpet Challenge – bringing ethical fashion into the spotlight of Hollywood’s most influential people. She was also an Executive Producer of the amazing documentary “The True Cost”. We could go on about Livia for days, but we’ll stop there.

Rosario Dawson

rosario_dawson_courtesy studio 189
Photo credit: Studio 189

Rosario launched Studio 189 with friend Abrima Erwiah in 2013 not only as a way to foster ethically made clothing but to celebrate the culture behind so many of our clothing styles today. More specifically, African style and culture is what Rosario Dawson is promoting through enriching the lives of artisans through their clothing production and creative projects. Studio 189 provides education, creative workshops, certifications and counseling to their makers. In fact, the transition between traditional techniques and a modern aesthetic was so successful, Rosario’s pieces walked the runways of New York Fashion Week this year. Safe to say, Hollywood is killing it in the sustainable fashion scene.

Lauren Conrad

lauren conrad
Photo credit:

Yet another celebrity who’s traded in the spotlight for the design studio, Lauren Conrad has her own ‘eco’ travel, shopping and beauty accessories line that are made out of Repreve – a material made from recycled plastic bottles. Lauren’s with XO(eco) is to raise awareness and promote the power of small changes that make a huge difference to the planet. She also has an ecommerce site called The Little Market which sells handmade pieces by artisans and profits contribute to income and social welfare in their communities. Not even online shoppers can hide from the ethical fashion police now!

Emma Watson

Photo credit:

Emma Watson doesn’t seem to have a bad bone in her body. She’s fierce, passionate, influential and she certainly doesn’t stop at one passion. Already a prominent gender equality advocate, it only made sense for Emma to bring her passion for social welfare and equality to the people who make her clothes. She was one a huge supporter of Livia Firth’s Green Carpet Challenge, urging fashion heavyweights to speak up on gender equality issues in what is often an industry full of inequality. If Emma Watson and our own CEO are making their closets eco, we really have no excuse do we?

Lauren Bush

lauren bush, shop l atitude
Photo credit: Shop I Altitude

The ethical fashion entrepreneurs just keep on coming. Lauren Bush is yet another celebrity jumping on board the ethical fashion bandwagon with her eco accessories company FEED Project. Her focus is fighting global hunger by donating profits to children suffering from malnutrition. The FEED Project’s bags are made from organic hemp silk, bamboo and organic cotton and are made ethically in New York. Lauren’s projects have already raised $5 million for starving children in developing countries since its inception in 2006.


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