Imagine your favourite pair of jeans. What do you look for in a pair of jeans? Perfect fit, reasonable price and on trend, right? But have you ever wondered how your jeans went from a crop to your closet? The impact of the apparel industry goes far beyond the sweatshops of Bangladesh.

Every new t-shirt we buy adds to our carbon footprint. In fact, those favourite jeans of yours produce as much carbon dioxide as driving 130 kilometres, and use over 9,000 litres of water. I know what you’re thinking. You’ll never shop again. You’re burning your entire closet. You’ll have to move to a nudist colony, become a tree hugger and consume nothing for the rest of your life!

But fear not. There is a solution. Many solutions, in fact. Here you can find a new one every week. Eko10 does the hard work for you by keeping you up to date on how to be an ethical and sustainable shopper. So here it is. Your weekly top 10 in sustainable living. Be ethical. Be sustainable. Be stylish.


I’m a journalism graduate from Brisbane, Australia. I’m currently based in Paris, France. I have a passion for style, sustainability and all ethical living. I want to encourage an awareness of the story behind our clothing – how to be an informed consumer, and how to change our environmental and social impact every day.